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Video of NSWGR/SRA trains on SVR


AGENDA - Jan 2014 - July 2014

Australian Model Railway Association Victorian Branch Inc

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AGENDA - Jan 2014 - July 2014

                                                                     Issued December 2013

Monthly Social Meetings are held at the clubrooms on the Second Thursday each month, commencing at 20:00 and finishing at 22:30.  The clubrooms are open at 19:30 for operation of HO trains on the club layout prior to the meeting.
·         Timetable operation on the “Stonnington Valley” layout is held (unless the Note** below applies) on the First Sunday of each month commencing at 13:30 and finishing at 17:30, on the Saturday Following the Social Meeting of each month from 12:30 until 17:00, on the Second Friday Following the Social Meeting and the Last Friday of each month from 19:30 until 23:30.  Waybill Sessions are held on the Last Saturday of each month from 11:30 until 17:30.  DCC Running is held on the Fourth Sunday of each month from 13:30 until 17:30.  UK operating sessions are held quarterly on the First Friday from 19:30 until 23:30.
·         DCC Themed Running Sessions will be held on the Second Saturday Following the Social Meeting after the afternoon session from 18.00 to 22.00.
·         Junior running days are held on the Second Saturday Following the Social Meeting (except August) during school terms, or on Wednesdays during school holidays, from 10:00 until about 15:00.
·         Work nights on the club layouts are held each Tuesday at 19:30.
·         Daylighters are retired people and anyone else interested in week-day attendance and operating the HO club layout. They meet each Monday, or the Tuesday following a public holiday, from 09:30 until 15:00.
·         If you wish to operate your own HO rolling stock at these operating sessions it must be fitted with functional Kadee couplers and all goods trains must have a caboose, guard’s van or working flashing device indicating the rear of the train.  You must be at the clubrooms at least 1/2 hour before starting time and, if there is an excess of rolling stock available, each member is limited to two trains on the layout.
·         Large Scale Train Running on the Garden Railway is held on the Sunday Following the Social Meeting each month from 10:00 until 17:00.
     **Note Regularly scheduled activities (unless specifically mentioned) are not held on Public Holidays or          during Holiday Weekends.  Changes from the last Agenda, Special Activities or Variations from the                   standard  operating sessions are shown overleaf in bold italics.
·           Entries in the Photographic and Modelling Competitions are judged at the Social Meeting each month. There is no limit to the number of entries you may submit, however only the print gaining the highest number of points on a given night or the model gaining the highest number of points in a "standard subject" will be credited to your annual score.  Trophies will be awarded annually in both competitions – Photographic (1) with the winner being the entrant with the highest score over at least 3 different photographic subjects – and Models (2), Beginner and Open, with the winners being the entrants with the highest aggregate score over at least 3 different “standard subjects” within a Division.  Models are Judged in 2 Divisions – Beginner and Open – and 2 Sections – Scratchbuilt (% of 100 points) and Kit or Modified Commercial model (% of 75/100 points).  There are 5 Standard Subjects for Models Goods Rolling Stock (Feb & July), Maintenance of Way (Mar & Aug), Passenger Rolling Stock (April & Sept), Structure / Permanent Way / Diorama (May & Oct), Locomotive (June & Nov), Open – any of the 5 Standard Subjects (Dec).

·         Changes to this Agenda will be announced at Social Meetings and will be printed in State News in Journal.  You may telephone Ron Polistena (Secretary) on (03)97987609, or the organiser of the specific activity as listed below.  The Agenda is published on the AMRA-VIC web site at and changes on the blog site at
·         Monthly Social Meetings, unless otherwise stated, are held at the clubrooms at 92 Wills Street, Glen Iris 3146. (Melways ref 59 H7) and there is adequate parking in the railway car-parks alongside and opposite the clubrooms.  For Layout Operating Sessions access is from the rear of the clubrooms via Kerford Road (200 metres North of clubrooms) and the lane to the rear of the property.  Note  Only limited parking is available at the rear and alongside the clubrooms with two marked No Parking areas. 

JANUARY 2014                                                                                            1 December 2013

(School Holiday 21/12-27/01)
  5   SUN    1330-1730                                      Timetable operation            Australian prototypes (General)
  8   WED   1000-1500                                      Junior Running Day            General-B.Y.O. Train 
  9   THU    1930-2230                                      Social Meeting – Running Night           No Competition
11   SAT    1230-1730                                        Timetable Operation           General- B.Y.O. Train
11   SAT    1800-2200                                        DCC Operation                  UK Prototype
12   SUN    1000-1700                                       Garden Rail                        Running (General)
17   FRI      1930-2330                                       Timetable Operation           USA prototype (Pre 1970) 
18   SAT    1000-1500                                     Junior Running Day         General-B.Y.O. Train
25   SAT    1130-1730                                        Waybill Session                   General- B.Y.O. Train.
26   SUN    1330-1730                                      DCC Operation                   General- B.Y.O. DCC Train 
31   FRI      1930-2330                                   Timetable Operation          Dutch prototype- (General)

  2   SUN    1330-1730                                      Timetable Operation             USA Prototypes (General)
  7   FRI      1930-2330                                      Timetable Operation             UK Prototype (General)
  8   SAT    1000-1500                                       Junior Running Day              General- B.Y.O.Train
13   THU*  1930-2230                                   Social Meeting- London Underground After hours                                                                                          Model - Goods Rolling Stock   Photo - Station clock.
15   SAT    1230-1730                                        Timetable Operation             General- B.Y.O. Train
15   SAT    1800-2200                                        DCC Operation                   USA Prototype
16   SUN    1000-1700                                       Garden Rail                         Running (General)
21   FRI      1930-2330                                      Timetable Operation             Australian prototype (Steam)
22   SAT    1130-1730                                        Waybill DCC Session           General-B.Y.O. DCC Train     
23   SUN     1330-1730                                      DCC Operation                   General-B.Y.O. DCC Train
28   FRI      1930-2330                                      Timetable Operation              Swiss prototype - (General)

MARCH 2014
  2   SUN    1330-1730                                      Timetable Operation             Australian prototypes (General)
13   THU    1930-2230                                      Social Meeting –                  DCC Programming       
                                                                        Model – Maintenance of Way   Photo – New E Class Tram
15   SAT    1230-1730                                       Timetable Operation              General- B.Y.O. Train
15   SAT    1800-2200                                       DCC Operation                    Australian Prototype
16   SUN    1000-1700                                      Garden Rail                          Running (General)
21   FRI      1930-2230                                     Timetable Operation              USA Prototype (Post 1970)
22   SAT    1000-1500                                      Junior Running Day               General- B.Y.O.Train
23   SUN    1330-1730                                     DCC Operation General-       B.Y.O. DCC Train
28   FRI      1930-2330                                     Timetable Operation              German Prototype
29   SAT    1130-1730                                       Waybill Session                     General- B.Y.O. Train


APRIL 2014 

(School Holiday 05/04-21/04)

  6   SUN    1330-1730                                   Timetable Operation           USA prototype (General)

  9   WED   1000-1500                                      Junior Running Day              General-B.Y.O.Train
10   THU    1930-2230                                  Social Meeting-European Railways 
                                                                    Model - Passenger Rolling Stock      Photo - Locomotive bogie.
12   SAT    1230-1730                                         Timetable Operation             General-B.Y.O. Train
12   SAT    1800-2200                                         DCC Operation                    UK Prototype
13   SUN    1000-1700                                        Garden Railway                    Running (General)
                                                                               EASTER (18/04-20/04)
18   FRI      1930-2330                              Closed     GOOD FRIDAY  
19   SAT    1000-1500                               Closed     EASTER SATURDAY    
25   FRI      1930-2330                                          Timetable Operation            Austrian prototype (General)
26   SAT    1130-1730                                           Waybill DCC Operation       General-B.Y.O. DCC Train
27   SUN    1330-1730                                          DCC Operation General-B.Y.O. DCC Train

MAY 2014
  2   FRI      1930-2330                                           Timetable Operation           UK Prototype (Steam)
  4   SUN    1330-1730                                           Timetable Operation           Australian prototypes (General)
  8   THU*  1930-2230                             Social Meeting – D.Kahl (Video)      South Australian trains   
                                                               Model – Structure/Permanent Way/Diorama  hoto – Climax locomotive
10   SAT    1230-1730                                             Timetable Operation          General-B.Y.O. train
10   SAT    1800-2200                                             DCC Operation                 USA Prototype
11   SUN    1000-1700                                            Garden Railway                 Running (General)
16   FRI      1930-2330                                            Timetable Operation          USA prototype (Pre 1970)
17   SAT    1000-1500                                             Junior Running Day           General-B.Y.O. Train.
25   SUN    1330-1730                                            DCC Operation                 General-B.Y.O. DCC train
30   FRI      1930-2330                                            Timetable Operation           European Steam (General)
31   SAT    1130-1730                                             Waybill Session                   General-B.Y.O. Train

JUNE 2014
  1   SUN    1330-1730                                             Timetable Operation          USA prototypes (General)
12   THU    1930-2230                              Social Meeting – R.Lloyd  Maryborough       
                                                                Model – Locomotive  Photo- Unprotected level crossing
14   SAT    1230-1730                                              Timetable Operation           General B.Y.O. train
14   SAT    1800-2200                                              DCC Operation                  Australian Prototype
15   SUN    1000-1700                                             Garden Railway                  Running (General)
20   FRI      1930-2330                                             Timetable Operation            NSW Prototype (General)
21   SAT    1000-1500                                              Junior Running Day             General-B.Y.O. Train
22   SUN    1330-1730                                             DCC Operation                   General-B.Y.O. DCC Train
27   FRI      1930-2330                                             Timetable Operation             Dutch prototype (General)
28   SAT    1130-1730                                              Waybill DCC Session            General-B.Y.O. DCC Train

(School Holiday -28/06-13/07)
JULY 2014
  6   SUN    1330-1730                                          Timetable Operation                Australian prototypes (General)
10   THU    1930-2230                                Social Meeting – Pie Night and movie   
                                                                  Model – Goods Rolling Stock  Photo – AMRA Vic Clubrooms
12   SAT    1230-1730                                             Timetable Operation              General-B.Y.O. Train
12   SAT    1800-2200                                              DCC Operation                    UK Prototype
13   SUN    1000-1700                                             Garden Rail                          Running (General)
18   FRI      1930-2330                                            Timetable Operation              USA Prototype (Steam era)
19   SAT    1000-1500                                              Junior Running Day              General-B.Y.O. train
25   FRI      1930-2330                                            Timetable Operation              Swiss prototype (General)
26   SAT    1130-1730                                             Waybill Session                      General-B.Y.O. Train
27   SUN    1330-1730                                            DCC Operation                     General-B.Y.O. DCC Train

                                    *      Includes Members Questions to committee - February and May.